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About Sergeant Grey's Wash & Wax

We are family owned and operated business. I started when my parents gave me a 92 Mighty Max truck for my 16th Birthday. So they told me if I wanted something more nice. I would have to keep it cleaned and maintained. I have been a fan of cleaning, maintaining, and being around cars since. So we give your cars the same soft touch and love as ours. We strive to give the best work and customer service.

We offer all kinds of services for all kinds of vehicles! If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, drop us a line. We’re here to serve!

Ceramic Services

Our cermiac coatings is a 9h hardness with 110° and last 3-5 years.

Cermiac Coating $600 with no paint correction.
Cermiac Coating with 1 stage paint correction $800
Cermiac coating with 2 stage paint correction $1050
Cermiac Coating with 3 stage paint correction $1300
Cermiac Coating Wheels new $175 used $250 face only half off.

Add-on Services

*Prices subject to change depending upon size/dirtiness/etc.

Deodorizer - $3

Deodorizer is not just a perfume, it uses odor-eliminating enzymes to physically destroy odor-causing germs and bacteria. Even after the fresh green apple scent wears away, you’re left with crisp fresh air without foul odors or chemical fumes.

Bug Removal - $5

Bug guts are some of the worst things for automotive paint. Flying insects contain corrosive chemicals that permanently damage paint if left unchecked. The concentrated Bug & Tar Wash formula breaks down the most stubborn dried bugs and tar residue to save the surface from permanent damage. The special formula is safe on bumpers, windshields, headlights, plastics, chrome, grilles, painted surfaces, and more.

Spray Sealant/Wax - $25

Spray sealant is a Shine and Seal protects against the harsh elements, enhances a brilliant shine, creates a slick surface that dirt, pollution, and water simply slide from.
Spray wax shine and protect any color vehicle from harmful pollution, bug and bird stains, water spots, and more! Natural carnauba wax and optical grade spray sealants shine and protect paintwork, polished metal, clear plastics, and glass. And is blended with advanced UV blockers to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun.

Leather Cleaning/Conditioner/Protection - $5/Seat

Seat Leather Cleaning this gentle cleaner removes dirt, grease, body oils, sweat, food residues, and light stains from all types of fine natural leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic leather materials. Brand new leather does not look shiny or feel slippery: it’s the buildup of body oils, grease, grime, and filth that gives leather a glossy appearance. Leather Cleaner lifts and separates grease and dirt from from deep within the pores of the material, ensuring a thorough cleaning job.
Seat Leather Conditioner nourishes and restores leather pieces with a like-new look and feel. Unlike cheaper leather care products, This Leather Conditioner is free of any petroleum bases and caustic chemicals that dry leather out, cause fading and discoloring, and leave a shiny finish with greasy feel. This water-based formula is blended with Vitamin E and Aloe extracts to moisturize leather pieces to restore a soft, supple feel. Leather is skin, and if neglected, it can crack, burn, fade, and discolor. Seat Leather protector coats, conditions, and protects leather seats, upholstery, and goods. Normal wear and tear, harsh UV sunlight, and improper cleaning makes leather feel dry, look faded, and even causes it to crack and break. Leather protector is a unique protectant that restores a soft supple feel to leather, and protects against fading from harsh UV rays and light stains from normal use.

Total Seat Package - Leather cleaning, conditioner, and protector - $10/Seat

Convertible Cleaning - $10

Convertible cleaning removes dirt and stains from any convertible soft top. The advanced cleaning formula is safe on fabric, vinyl, and synthetic convertible soft tops. Convertible Top Cleaner penetrates deep into fabric to remove stains and restore the soft top material. Use Convertible Top Cleaner to remove embedded contaminants like dirt, dust, road tar, tree sap, mud, bugs, and bird droppings from virtually any convertible soft top. Convertible Top Cleaner gently lifts dirt and stains away from the surface to restore the original look back to your vehicle’s soft top. Regular cleaning with Convertible Top Cleaner will extend the life of your vehicle’s soft top.

Leather Protector & Repellent - $15

Leather Protector and Repellent is the ultimate solution to protect any convertible fabric soft top. The revolutionary protectant creates a shield that repels liquids, dirt, stains, and UV solar rays.

Stain Removal - $20

Stain Removal Extractor is the super-powerful spot and stain remover for fabrics, upholstery, and carpet. Stain remover destroy tough spots and stains from dirt, grease, coffee, soda, wine, and pets. The all-new formula quickly cleans fabric, carpet, and upholstery.

Fabric Protector - $15

Fabric protector coating repels dirt, liquids, and stains from fabric. The sprayable protectant and repellant micro-bonds to fabric fibers to shield against spills and stains.

Gloss Wrap Spray - $25

Gloss Wrap spray is blended with spray sealant technology to protect shiny vinyl wraps and graphics on all vehicles. UV solar blockers prevent vinyl wraps and graphic designs from fading, and help prevent yellowing and discoloration on clear bras. Harsh weather conditions can cause premature wear on all stick-on wraps and graphics. This product conditions and protects the surface to prolong the life of vinyl car wraps, clear protection films, and printed graphic kits. Wrap Detailer safely removes dirt and debris from custom wraps and graphics without causing swirls or scratches. Custom vehicle wraps are sensitive surfaces that require special care and attention. UV solar rays, water spots, road grime, and contamination can stain and ruin wrapped surfaces.

Matte Sealant - $25

Matte sealant for paint or wraps. Matte Detailer & Spray Sealant cleans and protects matte paint finishes and vinyl wraps.Meticulous Matte contains no gloss enhancers and no wax that would add unwanted gloss and shine. It coats the matte finish, enhances the crisp sheen, and protects against pollution, water spots, UV sunlight, and contaminants that attack paintwork and wraps.

Deep Wheel & Undercarriage Cleaning -$15

Deep wheel and undercarriage cleaning. Some manufacturers resort to caustic acids and heavy alkaline compounds to cut through brake dust. These cleaners are corrosive themselves, and destroy shiny wheel finishes and car parts over time. Wheel & Rim Cleaner is pH-balanced, gentle, and perfect for cleaning any type of shiny wheel finish on any vehicle. Clean off any painted wheel, polished metal, chrome, anodized, or powdercoated wheel without fear of tarnishing or destroying any finish in any way. The oil-based dressing restores faded undercarriage and trim surfaces back to like-new condition. Bare Bones is designed using advanced UV solar protection, which enhances and protects undercarriage and trim surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun.

Water Spot Removal - $30

Water Spot Removal uses basic chemistry to remove water spot stains and restore a spot-free shine. The specialty gel neutralizes alkaline stains with a mild acid, removing the stuck-on water stain quickly and effortlessly. If alkaline water spots are not removed quickly, the minerals can react with the paintwork and cause permanent etch marks that cannot be repaired.

Headlight Restoration - $30 each or $40/pair

Headlight plastic is sensitive to harsh UV rays, which fades the plastic and turns it from crystal-clear to hazy and opaque.
Headlight protection up to one year $20 3-5 years $60

Polishing - $75

Polishing enhances reflection, shine, and gloss on any paint finish. Contains no fillers and no artificial gloss enhancers, so the lustrous finish is the true condition of the paint.

Premium Wax - $60

Premium Wax uses a all new signature, ultra-refined, carnauba formula creating a wax that utilizes the natural cleaning powers of carnauba to gently cleanse the paint, exposing the natural beauty of your vehicle’s color, while also providing a protective coating that will fight out the harsh effects of the elements. The smooth, protective layer is 100% natural to fight off water spots, bird droppings and road tar. Helps guard against the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays. Your vehicle needs the best protection to fight off the harmful effects of driving. When you desire a deep wet shine with amazing protection, will bring your vehicle’s paintwork to life.

Polymer Sealant - $160

The revolutionary nano-polymers in this bonds directly to the fine pores inside paintwork for a durable bond. A coat of JetSeal helps repel pollution and contamination, enhance a brilliant shine, and preserve a smooth finish. The sealant protects cars for up to one full year with just one application. Traditional natural carnauba waxes are loved for their warm shine and protection capabilities, but they only last a couple months at a time. Extreme weather and temperatures rapidly break down natural waxes, and leave cars unprotected against the elements that dull shine. Our sealant is a manmade synthetic wax that takes paint protection to the next level. It bonds directly to the surface, creating a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and UV sunlight. Innovative UV protection technology helps reject harmful solar rays and protect paintwork against fading and discoloration.

Window Tinting - Starting at $225 with Lifetime Warranty

We also offer wraps, plastic dip, chrome delete, powder coating, car suspension, lift kits, wheels and tires.

Jax Wax Products

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Wash & Wax Services

Wash and wax basic/prep detail - $40

Includes a wash and wax with rims cleaned' tires dressed, windows, door jambs, interior wipes down, vacuumed and air freshener if wanted.

Add $10 to pricing for larger cars.

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